Saturday, February 4, 2012

Carol's Cookies: YUM!

Yeah, my post titles are creative like that. I've got yum, delicious, and tasty in my repertoire. These cookies were all three of those. Originally $10 per box of frozen cookie dough, Central Market apparently wanted to get rid of these cookies by selling them off at $2 each. There were only 2 boxes left when I bought them last weekend. So I assume there are none left at this point. Either way, if the goal was to make me want to search out their website and contemplate buying more cookie dough, they succeeded. Here's a link to buy some cookie dough:

Eating the frozen cookie dough, I found myself unable to stop. That was also the case when we put the cookie dough into the oven. After it had cooked through and cooled and all that jazz. Something in this mix was truly addictive. I don't know if it was the butterscotch or the white chocolate I detected, but yum. I think it was the butterscotch. The box that ended up in my freezer was the toffee chocolate chip cookies. I'd like to try the traditional chocolate chip recipe next time. According to the box and her website, Carol spent 20 years perfecting this chocolate chip recipe. I could understand that. Pure addictive deliciousness.I actually may have liked the cookie dough better in it's frozen form. I can't decide. I say bake half and save the rest for munching.

I didn't think about taking pictures till these cookies were almost gone. Here are some pictures of the last bite.

Yes. That's spinach. That's right.
That's how I eat my cookies. Or the cookies
distracted me from the spinach. Who knows?

Go to Carol's website and check out her story. Who doesn't like a cookie story?
Follow her on Facebook or Twitter. I read something about Facebook discounts:

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