Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grimaldi's - The Best Pizza in Dallas!

Grimaldi's - 5 *s!

There are a few locations in Dallas, as well as the famous location under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The location in Brooklyn has long lines at all hours. Thankfully, that's a non-issue at the locations in Dallas and Plano. The pizza is delicious. The sauce has an excellent flavor, and there's not too much cheese. I always appreciate pizza with basil. The regular pizza automatically comes with basil on it. One of the last times I was there, a friend asked for ranch dressing, and the waiter said they don't carry ranch dressing. As I said, you only need ranch on bad pizza. I used to have a thing for getting Papa John's and dipping it in ranch dressing. With this pizza, however, there is definitely no need for ranch. They use charcoal ovens at Grimaldi's so it's a different type of pizza than the conventional New York-style pizza. On this particular occasion, we came for my father's birthday in January. They send him a coupon for a free pizza or free cheesecake every year. Make sure to sign up! I'm always pleased by the flavor of the sauce and am not hesitant to say this is the best pizza I've ever had in Texas. As for the cheesecake, I also think it's delicious. The cheesecake was creamy and had a nice, firm texture. As far as cheesecake in Dallas goes, it's definitely among the best. The cheesecake at Macaroni Grill may be better. They all make me happy. Cheesecake Factory fails on all counts.

Mushroom Onion Pizza
Cheese Pizza
New York style Cheesecake

The oven
More Cheese Pizza

We polished off a lot..
Caesar Salad
Antipasta Platter
As much as I love salads, I recommend skipping them here. They have never done much for me and always tasted like they were pulled out of a bag. That's fine, since the pizza is really the main event. The antipasti platter wasn't much better. I have enjoyed the caprese salad in the past - tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. What's not to like? Soft and crunchy. Combination of textures always makes for a good time, as I learned, and already knew, from the movie Ratatouille. At least this salad has ingredients that taste fresh. However, the main event is still the pizza.

I loved the taxi design in the bathroom!

There are many locations. There is, of course the famous one in Brooklyn in the DUMBO area. Since we are in Texas, we will stick to those locations. This review is in regards to both locations. I've been to both, and they are both equally delicious.

West Village:
3636 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75201

836 Market St.
Allen, TX 75013

Macaroni Grill (for cheesecake!)
There are too many locations to list, so I will just mention the ones in Addison and Frisco.

4535 Belt Line Rd.
Dallas, TX 75001

3111 Preston Rd.
Frisco, TX 75034

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