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Gandolfo's New York Delicatessen - Mobile NY Deli [FOOD TRUCKS!!] Side Dish Food Truck Schedule Added

Gandolfo's NY Deli - 4.5 *s

I read about Gandolfo's, along with several other food trucks in Dallas, last night as I was binge reading to catch up on restaurant reviews. I've actually been meaning to go to the Nammi Vietnamese food truck in Dallas for a month or so. There is something deliciously intriguing about food trucks. Greenwich Village used to have a Dessert food truck I visited every time I was in New York. It was delicious... bread puddings, ganaches, and so on. I think they eventually moved to one of those silly brick and mortar locations.

There was chatter around the truck about other food trucks. The consensus seemed to be that the Nammi food truck was good, but Jack's Chowhound, a truck with comfort food like sandwiches and burgers, not so good. I will pass my own judgment later.

When I read there was a New York deli good truck, I knew it was right up my alley. I've spent a good amount of time in New York, my parent are from Long Island, and like any good Jew I love my Deli meats and lox. In fact, the reception at my parents' wedding consisted of a bagel spread.

 The pastrami in our sandwiches was amazing, deliciously salty, and fresh. Next time I would get a sandwich without the cheese or mayo, so that I could focus on the best part - the meat. Randy Wolken, the regional franchisee and one of the 2 men who prepared our sandwiches, told me that they get their meats cured in Utah and shipped here.

He told us that he isn't from New York (I could already tell from his voice). He grew up in Texas, but was a stockbroker in New York for a while. This truck is his retirement.

My sandwich and pastrami, mmm.

This is my sandwich again! The Knuckle Sandwich. It came with a
very sour pickle. Not bad. Just more sour than I'm used to.

My companion's Gandy's Coney Island Dog: 1/4 lb. all-beef
(it makes a difference!) Nathan's hot dog with sauerkraut, onion,
and spicy mustard. Again, the bread, or the hero, didn't impress.

He has an appetite. He also got the King of Queens: Pastrami,
no Swiss, tomato, cole slaw he had many kind words about,
and Russian dressing. Nuked.

In a video I saw on, he says that they slice their meat and cheeses fresh daily. They also bake their breads every day: heroes, sourdough, rye, and kaiser roll. The bagels are shipped from New York "part-baked" since Randy thinks New York water is important for a good bagel. Flavored bagels are available, and they list plain, strawberry, honey, pecan and veggie cream cheese. While my bagel wet dream is a chocolate chip bagel with strawberry cream cheese, lox, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and so on, pecan cream cheese sounds awesome.

My sandwich was on sourdough. The bread didn't do much for me. I honestly would never have guessed that it was home-made. It pretty much tasted like white bread to me. Really, who cares though? That was some delicious, hearty pastrami. I'd be willing just to eat a ball of that. The hot dog, which was a Nathan's beef hot dog, was also quite delicious. It's certainly among the better ones I've had in Dallas. As were the sandwiches. I perhaps just prefer mine more plain. A heap of high quality meat on fresh rye bread is the ideal, after all.

Randy told us that starting Saturday , they're going to have knishes from ones with potatoes to ones with pastrami. I'm psyched. See you at the races!

I've read a few reviews that tell you to skip the Black and White Cookie. You always skip the Black and White cookie. It's just a cookie.. That would be like eating french fries (a waste of calories for something that doesn't dazzle my taste buds). Crazy bastards.. Then again, I've had black and white cookies before. So I know better.

As a food truck, obviously, this place has no set location. On the day I went, the truck was pulled over at Irving Street, by Oak Lawn. It was a sort of industrial area, not necessarily one me and my dining companion would have picked for high traffic for Gandolfo's. I'd read about long lines, bit there were around 5 of us at the most. Most people took their food in bags in their cars or to another location. Our attempts to eat on the hot grass might not have been the best idea. And of course, it was a bit messy. Don't forget: you can order your sandwich "deli style," which means extra meat!! Gandolfo's also does catering. I haven't had breakfast yet, but several breakfast sandwiches are available. I am eager to try their bagels. Though I'll admit it - something about meat (other than lox, aka smoked salmon) on cream cheese makes me feel ill.

Keep track of their locations via Facebook or Twitter: or search for Gandolfo's New York Deli Dallas!/gandolfosdeli

Side Dish posts a weekly schedule, apparently.
UPDATE:  I found the schedule! Go to then search for 'food truck schedule.'
Here it is for this week:

Next time I want to get the Rockefeller Reuben [corned beef/pastrami/turkey, swiss, sauerkraut, spicy mustard/Russian dressing] or the Patrami on Rye. He does say he's working on lox. So when that comes, I'll definitely have a bagel with lox. How about you?

I actually did a post the day I ate there! Well, almost.

Yum... ketchup on a bagel. Right? Not right.

There's a flap by that tire that pulls out for your drinks.

Sandwiches on the hood of the car. Always makes for good fun!!

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