Sunday, August 28, 2011

Missing the WOW factor: Cupcakes from Trailercakes are ok

Trailercakes - 3*s

I was psyched about going to this rummage sale at The Gypsy Wagon that happened the weekend of Friday, August 19. Let's be honest. I was more excited about the cupcakes from Trailercakes that they would be selling during the sale. An article in the Dallas Observer's "Side Dish" blog made the Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcake sound ethereal. I admit it. I was planning to try it at the Food Truck Festival. But I thought back to these cupcakes and thought.. meh. I do have to say the trailer, or food truck, they had out at the Food Truck Fetsival was very cute. It was silver, had bubbles painted on it, and there was a bubble machine outside the truck. I give them credit for their packaging.

On that note, I have to say the best thing about these cupcakes was their packaging (and I give them credit for that). They were absolutely adorable. The Slap Your Mother Chocolate cupcake had a piece of chocolate stuck in the frosting, the Strawberry Fields cupcake had a mini poptart (I think?), and the Cookie Monster cupcake had an oreo. I also appreciated the small sizes. As much as I love food, I'd prefer that my body not announce that fact. I bought 3 for $4. Really a pretty good price. They also gave me new ones when I smashed mine on the floor. No charge. Awesome!
Ok I admit it. These pictures make me salivate a little.

It's too bad the taste didn't do the same. My favorite part about the chocolate cupcake was the piece of Hershey's chocolate in it. The cake and frosting were fine. Just nothing special. The oreo cupcake was my least favorite. I only picked it because one of the proprietors highly recommended that flavor. Their recommendation came from the fact that there was marshmallow fluff in the middle. Which honestly should have warned me off. Maybe it's just me but.. yuck. On the other hand, it wasn't as bad as the image I'm conjuring up. It just tasted ok. Not worth the calories. Kind of how I think of french fries. A waste of space. My favorite cupcake was the Strawberry Fields. I enjoyed the frosting and the cake itself was pretty good. The poptart was a poptart. But it was fun. Ths isn't a cupcake I would buy again but it was enjoyable.

Time for their closeups!
Strawberry Fields
Slap Your Mother Chocolate.. awesome name!
Cookie Monster
Did you know the Cookie Monster isn't on Sesame
Street any more? I know! It bummed me out too!
Trailercakes apparently isn't completely set up for food truckery yet. They plan to be on the road soon, and obviously were able to make it to the DFW Food Truck Festival. At the moment and for a while they have mostly been operating out of a basement in Richardson at 74 East Campbell Road. According to Nancy Nichols of "Side Dish," the have "open kitchen hours" so you can walk in and pick out a few without a requisite minimum order. Check their website at for more details.

I do have to say that if you're looking for cupcakes in Dallas, skip the trailer and go for the deliciousness at The Cupcakery on Mckinney Ave. I will write a real review soon.

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