Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pizza and Porchetta (Pork Sandwiches) in NYC - Superbowl weekend

Porchetta - 5 *s!

I read about the porchetta that a town in Italy (somewhere near Rome) specializes in, along with beautiful pictures of the pork on spits, in the cooking magazine La Cucina Italiana. I was convinced (despite my kosher-at-home, anti-swine background)... The magazine also mentioned a restaurant that serves these porchetta sandwiches in the US, Porchetta in Manhattan. I've been dreaming of a trip to devour some porchetta for a while. It was delicious! My Italian friend said he expected it to be good and it was even better. The pork just had a delicious flavor to it, and I'm usually not one for pork. Pork normally seems like a less flavorful white meat to me. Of course, Jews are probably raised not to like pork. The porchetta was deliciously flavored and marbled. The sandwich costs $10, they also have a porchetta platter, mozzarella sandwich, and so on. I can only comment on the sandwich since that's all we had.

As with many places in the Manhattan area, it is a bit of a cramped space. When we arrived, there were 2 people enjoying their meal. I and my friend made 2 more, with one spare seat left in the restaurant, if you could call it that. It's really more of a food stand with walls. Not that you should be deterred. It was amazing, and I would certainly wait in line if I had to. I added a $3 tip after my meal to express my happiness. To traif!

Mmmm pork!
Rosa's Pizza - 5*s!

I had some pizza in Penn Station at Rosa's Pizza. It was pizza stand inside one of those gas station store of sorts. The kind that sells drinks and magazine, along with hot dogs and beer. I chose the margherita pizza. Again, delicious. Pizza in Dallas shouldn't even be called pizza. Maybe the one exception in Dallas is Grimaldi's, but, of course, I still preferred this pizza. It's a different style than the charcoal ovens they use at Grimaldi's. This is the "typical New York-style pizza." Yum! New York is a place where even the pizza in the train station is delicious! It's times like these that food cravings almost make me want to move to New York. The sauce is delicious, and they don't over-cheese their pizza in New York. Even the flavor of the dough is great. I'm the sort who normally throws my crust away. You can taste the freshness of the mozarella, the slight flavor of basil, the wonderfully flavored sauce, and dough that actually drives you to polish off every last crumb. As I always do, let the pictures speak for themselves.

I know, I know. I ranted about how awful Dallas pizza is, which is certainly not a new idea. I can't help it. I feel these pangs of loss...

This is my kind of heaven.
The interior at Porchetta and more pictures of the sandwich:

More Porchetta

And some more

Interior of the restaurant - that's a picture of a pig on the wall.
Our seats by the window in Porchetta

Yes, I know it took me a long, long time to post a new blog.. This was from the weekend of the Superbowl. Hope you guys had a good weekend!

110 E. 7th St.
NY, NY, 10009
The restaurant is on 7th St., by 1st Ave., around Union Square. Obviously you'll have to take a subway from Penn Station. Porchetta!!!
Porchetta on Urbanspoon

Rosa's Pizza - Penn Station
Right in Penn Station, across from the Long Island Railroad area.
Rosa's Pizza on Urbanspoon

There are many locations. There is, of course the famous one in Brooklyn in the DUMBO area. Since we are in Texas, we will stick to those locations.

West Village:
3636 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75201

836 Market St.
Allen, TX 75013

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