Friday, December 24, 2010

La Duni - Pictures Added!

La Duni - 4.5*s!

So I went to dinner at La Duni about a week ago with 2 friends who said it should be my first blog post. What is life for if not to please?

On to the food. I'm obsessed with cheese and, thus, queso. I constantly go to Tex-Mex restaurants and am disappointed with the queso that doesn't measure up to the stuff I buy in the grocery store. The Queso Verde, which is made with poblano peppers that I presume turn it green, was absolutely amazingly delicious. My 2 other dining partners loved it as well. It just tasted like the quality of cheese was much better than usual. The texture was great as well. I don't know what else to say except get thee to La Duni stat! I did insist that we order it mild since I'm not a spicy gal. Our server said that even the spicier version was pretty mild so it didn't really matter. I will note though that Miss J, who was insisting on some spice, even seemed to quite love it.

We also ordered a platter of plaintains. There were also some root vegetable, potatoes and the like, as well as a beef empanada. I thought the plaintains were great. Next time I would just order the plaintains. I've never been one that was extremely into the starchy potato food so the rest of the platter didn't do much for me. I did like the beef empanadas, but it might be because living with a Vegetarian has turned me into a meat-starved animal.

The Brazilian style chicken wings were DELICIOUS. They were moist and amazing. Definitely the best chicken wings I've had - over KFC and the wings I used to eat with my fellow wing lover in Florida. Again, the potatoes didn't do much for me.