Sunday, September 23, 2012


I posted about my breakfast on facebook, and thought I would continue the post on this, my food blog. I was just complaining the other day about how I've never understood people who eat "breakfast." To quote: "I'm all about the fruit and coffee. Eggs? Yuck. I'll take the coffee." Which reminded me of some of the forms of eggs I enjoy. I enjoy my eggs sunny side up: slightly raw and runny. Yumlicious. Scrambled eggs have always bored me to death. A lot of omelettes also don't quite do enough for me. Boiled eggs.. really now? I like just a little flavor in my food. I don't know. I'm weird like that. All these various Mexican versions of eggs seem like a waste of my time. Yes, I'm picky about my food. I do also kind of enjoy soft boiled eggs, and sometimes poached eggs added to dishes. The raw yolk is usually my favorite part.

This is the other version of eggs I enjoy. This recipe is really for an egg and cheese sandwich. Sounds delicious to me. That's another form of eggs I usually enjoy. Fried egg and cheese sandwiches. Me and cheese do get along. 

I always leave out the bread since I almost never eat bread and I try to be healthy or something..Thinner slices of cheese seem to do better with this, not large chunks. or grating works too. I tend to use cheddar. I think using sea salt always makes a big difference. Pepper doesn't do much for me, so I skipped that. I like the idea of adding something fancy, like truffle oil. As for the "where's the bacon?" comment I received, feel free to add some bacon! 

Yes, it's true. When you make food for yourself, it does tend to be better than paying others to make a generalized version of what they think people want. 

Here's what I added to my photo on facebook:

A simple egg & cheese omelette. I added some of the delicious yellow tomatoes I love. Now egg dishes like THIS I like. It's relatively simple, but the recipe I use is below which I originally saw in a link on my favorite recipe blogger, SMITTEN KITCHEN. Nice, relaxing start to my day.

My version of egg-and-cheese (most of it stolen and some of the original left out; the original link is available above):

1 to 2 teaspoons butter (fine, use oil if you want to, but "butter is better, better is butter)
1 egg
Salt and pepper
1 thin slice of cheese or a tiny pile of grated/crumbled cheese
Spoonful of sliced scallions, chives, crumbled bacon, or whatever else you want in your eggs ... Truffle oil!!
Put the bread in a toaster. Heat a 9-inch skillet, preferably nonstick, on medium.
1) Using a fork, beat one egg with ½ teaspoon water (or two eggs, with 1 teaspoon water; I always use 2 eggs) and a couple pinches of sea salt (and a few grinds of black pepper) until just blended.
2) Melt butter in your pan (or brush it with oil), toss around pan to coat. Pour in the eggs and roll them around so they cover the pan, as a thin crepe would.
Plop the cheese in the middle. Toss whatever fixings you wish on top of the cheese (though I never bother, this meal is all about immediacy for me).

A single egg will cook in 1 to 1½ minutes; two eggs in 2 minutes. You'll know its cooked when poking into it with a corner of your spatula won't cause any loose egg to slip through to the skillet.

3) Fold the part of the egg closest to you over the cheese, like the first part of a business letter fold. Repeat this on the three remaining "sides," forming a small square. Leave the folded egg-and-cheese in the center of the skillet to cook for another 30 seconds, then slide onto you plate/muffin/toast.

I pretty much left out all the parts about the muffin/toast/sandwich, because.. I felt like it.

Happy Sunday!!