Sunday, August 21, 2011

Salivating over Valentino Designs

While salivating over the odors coming from the Nammi food truck at Flora and Pearl today, i decided to post pictures of the Valentino purses and shoes I was salivating over in  Neman Marcus earlir today. I'm not one of those girls who typically goes gaga over purses. parda purses bore me to tears. I find Chanel purses repulsive. Quilts belong on beds, not purses. Valentino purses however are gorgeous. Artisitically and beauty wise they beat out any designers I can think of by far. I love the curves, the folds, and the way they involve floral designs. Just like I salivate over a well presented dessert or meal, I salivate over these.

My cell phone doesn't alway take the best pictures..
The reflections make it hard to see but this is a
black leather purse with roses.

Nice soft leather

This is blurry but.. I crave that black one.


These pictures were taken at the Neiman Macrus downtown on Main Street.

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