Friday, December 24, 2010

La Duni - Pictures Added!

La Duni - 4.5*s!

So I went to dinner at La Duni about a week ago with 2 friends who said it should be my first blog post. What is life for if not to please?

On to the food. I'm obsessed with cheese and, thus, queso. I constantly go to Tex-Mex restaurants and am disappointed with the queso that doesn't measure up to the stuff I buy in the grocery store. The Queso Verde, which is made with poblano peppers that I presume turn it green, was absolutely amazingly delicious. My 2 other dining partners loved it as well. It just tasted like the quality of cheese was much better than usual. The texture was great as well. I don't know what else to say except get thee to La Duni stat! I did insist that we order it mild since I'm not a spicy gal. Our server said that even the spicier version was pretty mild so it didn't really matter. I will note though that Miss J, who was insisting on some spice, even seemed to quite love it.

We also ordered a platter of plaintains. There were also some root vegetable, potatoes and the like, as well as a beef empanada. I thought the plaintains were great. Next time I would just order the plaintains. I've never been one that was extremely into the starchy potato food so the rest of the platter didn't do much for me. I did like the beef empanadas, but it might be because living with a Vegetarian has turned me into a meat-starved animal.

The Brazilian style chicken wings were DELICIOUS. They were moist and amazing. Definitely the best chicken wings I've had - over KFC and the wings I used to eat with my fellow wing lover in Florida. Again, the potatoes didn't do much for me.



I read somewhere the salads were good here, so I ordered a salad that involved a Brazilian style pulled roasted chicken salad. It didn't quite occur to me that it would be a chicken salad.. I hate chicken salads & potato salads because of all the mayonnaise. It just doesn't appeal to me. To each their own. It was boxed up for J's boyfriends, Senor D, who apparently loves cold food.

Senorita Z ordered fries. I don't like most fries, but they just tasted like fries to me.

There was a Caipirinha in there, a mixed drink involving limes and cachaca sugar, that tasted quite limey (yes, I know "limey" isn't a word). I liked it.

Dessert: The most important part of the meal! I'd also heard many good things about the desserts here. If I liked Tres Leches, I would have ordered that (since I heard many good things), but I don't. I ordered the Venezuelan triple chocolate truffle cake for the three of us. I thought it was absolutely delicious. I admit, some of my dining companions weren't as enthusiastic (they didn't dislike, just weren't amazingly awed). The people I brought the leftovers home to quite enjoyed it as well, though. I'm not a cake person because it mostly just tastes like bread to me. I'd rather just eat chocolate. But I felt this was moist, delicious, and addictive. It disappeared from the fridge before I could have more..

As for decor, it was in a mall (since we went to the Northpark location). But it was nice.

Update: I forgot to mention the service. We had great service. The waiter was very helpful with all my pesky questions. They were also all very helpful when I came back after closing hours to look for my cell phone. I'm always losing things.. apparently it was in my friend's car.

Hope you enjoyed, let me know!

You can visit their website at

Update: Pictures!

Plantains Platter - beef empanada on the left, plantains in dark brown
on the front right as well as other root vegetables. My friends
liked the respective sauces.



Chocolate Cake!!

Chicken Salad
La Duni Latin Kitchen & Coffee Studio
NorthPark Center
8687 N. Central Expressway # 1516
Dallas, TX 75225

There are 2 other locations:
La Duni Latin Cafe
4620 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75205

La Duni Latin Kitchen & Baking Studio
4624 Oak Lawn
Highland Park, TX 75219
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